Before the Plow Comes

What do Socrates, sildenafil Rosa Parks, internist Al Yankovic, Pamela Anderson and Wiley Miller Have in Common?

This is the time of year for making changes.  Since we are what we eat (among other things) that seems like a good place to start.  Influenced by the need to reduce arterial plaque, trim up physically, and two books: Prevent and Reverse Heart Disease (Esselstyn) and The China Study (Campbell.)  And, yet…

vegetablesWho cares?  Vegetarians can be so annoying.  They can’t stop talking about all the benefits and the evils of eating meat.  When they visit, I always forget and feel like doo doo for not accommodating their simple regimen.  Like converts to anything, ex-smokers, Prius owners, and Apple fan boys, vegetarians can be a pain in the ass.  Wait, I’ll love being that.


So here goes.  I join the other 2/3rds of the world’s population.  Little lambs and cows can breathe easier.

I’ll miss my olive oil and stinky cheese, but will they miss me?  Nope.

Now, back to  things that don’t change like Planck’s and Avogadro’s constants and making some folks uncomfortable.
Washington, cheapest DC.  We had a great blizzard for the last two days.  Many Facebook posts of pictures of snowy backyards and decks and yummy casseroles and hot toddies.  Nature has shown who’s in charge.  Easy to talk when you’re retired and not part of the work-a-day world.

Thanks to all the drivers and emergency services that are helping folks.  Boo on those 4WD SUV owners with something silly to prove (unless it’s helping grandma with something important.)

It gives us all a priorities pause.  Sorry about the timing.  Life will go on, if we’re lucky.




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