Send out the clowns

I took a wonderful course in “Clowning” a few years ago.  Two things I remember: When you’re in costume you are more comfortable saying outrageous things or being just plain silly, viagra heart  and that about one-in-seven people are actually terrified by clowns.  

ALERT!  Political views ahead.  Author is a cynical progressive who sees greed and stupidity on all sides.

Since The Donald (T-Rump) joined the GOP Presidential race last June, I figured he’d just be an amusing side show and would quickly fade.  I underestimated the raw anger levels among many citizens and the incredibly weak field of candidates that the fractured GOP would put forward after Romney.  I’ve watched all of the debates and marveled at the lack of serious policy discussion and civil decorum.  I’ve been fascinated (and now alarmed) by The Donald’s apparent popularity. His statements and insults have been given wide free publicity by our media – heightening his credibility with the public.  Bad journalism.

Drawing a caricature/cartoon of The Donald is so easy anyone can do it.  In fact, any photo will do.  I just leave a piece of blank paper (these days a blank canvas layer in my drawing program) and the next morning, there’s The Donald, all drawn.

The pundits all swore he would fail.  So far the only real endorsement I’ve seen, besides his own, has been from Sarah Palin.  Hee hee.  OMG, now come the first primaries…The Donald wins.  Granted the rest of the GOP field is still large and fractured and financed.

I’m not a pundit or a pollster.  Still, I don’t see T-Rump attracting many Democrats or getting more than 1/3rd of GOP voters.

 So for now, it’s just a yucky circus.


 Still with me?  There’s much more fun at The Trump Movie,  just follow the link.

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