Mr. Bill

Train wreckIn May, discount RX
my first blog was lost and the backups/support from my “thrifty” hosting service failed. Consider it my tuition for the age of Web 2.0.

So here I am at a new host, backed up, with WordPress again, now upgraded.
billnuc.jpgAfter 40 years in Washinton, heart DC, visit this site working at the conflux of cartoons and computers, where statistics bore, and egos roar, I’ve sorta retired.

Moved to Asheville, North Carolina for a brand new chapter in my life, with an old friend/partner, new adventures, new friends, but old friends remain. We also spend half of our time in the DC area near Annapolis and travel whenever we can.  Hope you all stay in touch.   In addition to this journal, you can see more activities and less thought on my Facebook account.

My Portfolio link with examples of cartoons, caricatures and illustrations.


Off the Maine coast, near Port Clyde (2002)

Cartoon website. Caricature.

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  1. Joan Rotchford Blackman says:

    Just came across your blog…again. Good luck on your new chapter in the life of Mr. Bill. Change is magic and the world is wide open for any dream you wish to follow. Have fun….and do not be shocked at the place or stage in life that is waiting…..I was, but am adjusting beautifully.

    A junior high friend!

  2. Leslie Kruse says:

    Hi Bill,

    Thought you might enjoy this. Hope you’re doing well.


  3. Lou Gidding says:

    Hi Bill-

    Please call me sometime. I just want to catch up and say “Hello.”

    Lou Gidding

  4. Joan Rotchford Blackman says:

    Just read latest info from Cathy…..would love to sit and converse about the years since junior high. Our paths should have crossed….certainly could use your insight into mu current endeavors. Hope you are enjoying your new community and next step in life.

  5. Jim Townsend says:

    Fabulous blog, Bill. I’m thrilled to hear about your move and adventures. Let’s go fly fishing or hiking on the Appalachian Trail.



  6. Ron Simpson says:

    Omigosh! Willy!! I just happened to be doing some searches on AFDSDC with low expectations and ran into your blog. Thought I recognized your cartoons on “Just Kidding?” – a distant familiarity. Then I clicked on “Mr. Bill” at page top and POW!!! there was your pic! Easily recognizable. Before I go any further, I need to say “hello”. Sounds like life’s still an adventure. Glad to hear it. Respond to my eMail and let me know what’s gone on since 1971.
    Out of the fog – Ron Simpson

  7. zen says:

    Hiya, Bill.

    I too was at the Rocket Club this saturday for the meeting of the bloggers/MAIN/WPVMers. Sorry i didn’t get a chance to meet you, but with reading some back posts on your blog feel that i just met you a little bit. I too grew up in the DC area and now live in Asheville and it’s wonderous! If you’re coming to the next meeting of these communication types i’ll look for you and try to introduce myself (i’m a photographist but kinda shy) and at least say hello. Good caricatures and keep up the blogging!

    zen Sutherland

  8. Alan and Irene Chun says:

    Hi Bill,

    Thanks for the blog URL. It afforded a revealing peak at your rich and fascinating life, of which I was afforded only a glimpse from our brief association during the Trafalgar tour of Spain. I love your sense of humor. That was a great caricature of Suzy Orman and a hilarious bit about lost credit cards. I’ve had that experience more than once and can totally relate. If it happens again, it means I’m probably ready for the home…


  9. Hi Bill! I have good news from Finland: Santa Claus visited here in Rauma town and is now coming to you!

    Merry Christmas my friend Bill


  10. Amelly says:

    it’s an awesome post. i like reading it. thanks.

  11. Phil Flanders says:

    Been a long time Willy. You are looking fit and happy. North Carolina must agree with you. I’ll keep an eye on your Blog.

  12. Paul Lillebo says:

    Kristin and I very much enjoyed our evening with you and Sharon last night at Tom & Mary’s. I hope you’ll stay in touch. Don’t hesitate to send me your email address if you’re inclined.
    I’ll see you around Reuter Ctr, and perhaps we’ll meet in Oslo this summer.
    Paul Lillebo and Kristin Lionaes (Lionæs)

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