The Visitor – Part 3

I hadn’t walked far. There was a poster on a telephone pole. I stopped to read.

poster.jpgOh my. This changes everything. The address was close by. I turned around and quickly walked back to my home to think.

My visitor was still safely in the Wii box. I used some twine to hold the flaps securely and with the box under my arm proceeded to the Tanner home two blocks away.

I rang the bell. A young girl opened the door. “Hi, price
I’m Kayla. What’s in the box?”

“You tell me,” I replied, pulling off the twine.

Mr. Tanner came to the door, “Hey, where’d you find a Wii? I’ll give you $300 for it.”

Kayla peered inside the box. “It’s Ferris! Dad! Mom! Cameron!”

The family quickly gathered at the front door. Cameron, a handsome teenager, spoke. “May I have him, please?”  He was very polite.

Cameron took the box and ran upstairs. Connie, the mother, introduced everyone and invited me in. “Would you like some tea?”

I knew it would be instant and iced.  I said, “No thanks. I found him this morning in my house. Glad to provide a happy ending.”

“So where did you find the Wii?” Mr. Tanner persisted.

“At Target, Why don’t you come over and try it out sometime?”

I said my goodbyes and headed home for a glass of Shiraz and some vegetarian pasta.

* * The Real End * *

Note, Wikipedia is no substitute for common sense. I should have looked up the Black Faced Ferrets. Also, never forget that I have a very active imagination and often I’m “Just Kidding.”

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  1. Chon says:

    this ended is boring.

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